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Stewart Family Medicine & After-Hours was originally established in 2009. 

The clinic was sold to an outside company in 2011.  In 2014, the Stewart's were thrilled to regain ownership. 

Since regaining ownership of their clinic in August 2014, the Stewarts have worked hard to bring their clinic back

up to the standards it held before.  They’ve continued this process by bringing back some of their original services,

like occupational medicine & in-house lab draws, as well as adding some new services. 

The clinic's central location makes it extremely convenient for people from many surrounding areas. 

They can provide primary care services to the entire family and offer urgent care services after hours from 5pm-8pm. 

Their rare ability to offer both means that patients can almost always be seen the same day when someone

in the family gets sick while keeping ALL of the patient's medical records in one place.

The providers and staff of Stewart Family Medicine maintain the high standards of providing a

friendly and comfortable atmosphere that they have always been known for.

The Stewart's are all residents of the Town of Livingston and are so proud to be able to offer medical

services to fellow members of this community as well as other surrounding areas.

"We strive to offer the most comfortable atmosphere possible when patients come to visit our clinic. 

From the friendliness of our staff to the family oriented atmosphere you can't help but feel comfortable."

SFM is a breath of fresh air in the forever changing world of heatlhcare.

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